I have painted and exhibited my work since leaving University.  Over the years the styles have changed but for the last 5 years I have veered away from a figurative but very stylized form of painting and concentrated purely on realism focusing on the human form. In doing this I have artistically come in a full circle, as figure drawing and portraiture were my passion in university. I try to go beyond the surface of the paint to try and touch on a special look of the people I paint, attempting to catch a moment in time that reveals their inner thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes I will combine a collage of intimate correspondence or an object that holds symbolic meaning specific to that one person. When I can develop a closer relationship with my subject it allows me to see not only their strengths but also know their interests, vulnerabilities and inner beauty which I think adds more to the painting.   

Painting a portrait though is a time consuming and meticulous process, so to offset this I like to work freely from the figure, letting myself go and enjoying different mediums without the concern and constraint of realism. Look at these in my Ink Painting Portfolio.